WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Dual Mesh Coil 15000 Puffs Disposable, The Most Rich Vapor Vape Device


Most of the vape users are just enjoying their vaping experience and easily tell the difference tastes between so many brands and judge what is good and what is bad.

However, they didn’t realize that what consists in the construction that affects their vaping experience a lot.

Well, there are many factors, but the most important point is the heating coil.

The heating coil decides the genuineness of the flavors, the vapor rich level and the release of scent and sweetness, icy level.

15000 PUFFS Dual Mesh Coil, The Perfect Answer

Classification of heating coils

A good coil may conducts the vapor very well, and release the best flavor for vaping experience.

There are 3 major coils for disposable device:

1.Horizontal Core: The horizontal core has a large heating area and even heating, making it suitable for high-viscosity e-liquids. Low cost and convenient production. While weak explosive power, fragrance fullness is not lasting enough, fragrance attenuation too fast, if the taste is rich and paste core risk.

2.Vertical Coil: Strong explosive power, more easy to smell sweet. However, the labor cost is high, the explosive force is not durable enough, and the rear section is soft and weak.

3.Mesh Coil: Good quality. The explosive force goes on and on, and it's always more balanced. Sweet taste, high reduction degree. Full fragrance, long fragrance retention time and the longest use time.

JOYMY 15000 ULTRA is equipped with dual mesh coil option, what does it make a difference?

1.The flavor is more sweet and rich. It releases the most rich vapor you could ever seen on disposable devices, the strong outbreak would just impress you a lot.

2.1+1 >2 principle. With the help of quality rechargeable battery, the high power rate allows the dual mesh coil to work better together, makes supreme effect on the model to provide ultra experience for the user.

3. Policy friendly. As some of the markets worldwide like Russia and Israel have strict rules on the level of nicotine power, the dual mesh coil would be the perfect answer.

After the accurate many tests by the JOYMY research team, the 15000 ULTRA with 2% nicotine strength releases even more than normal disposable device with 5%.