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Vape Expo UK at Birmingham Successfully Concluded

Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham is the UK's largest and most influential e-cigarette exhibition. It is also the fastest growing and currently the largest e-cigarette show of its kind, also grown to become the largest exhibition in Europe and even in the whole e-cigarette exhibition industry. With returns that will continue to push the boundaries and ensure an engaging experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham had a total exhibition area of 20,000 square meters from the UK, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, South Africa, etc. with over 20,000 exhibitors.

For the October 7th to October to 9th Expo, there are total 500 brand exhibitors took their part. Among them, there are more than 70 brand exhibitors from China, including:Joymy,YOOZ, IDOLS, Vaporesso, Elego, Hangsen ,IJOY, HG, Kimree, UD, IVPS, Kakuqi, Tesla, AV40, YIHI, sigelei, Innokin, Geekvape, IMR, Efest, etc.

The organizer have worked hard to create a Expo that is suitable for all exhibitors, professional visitors and consumers, with an effective mix of professional, entertainment, retail and B2B. We listen to all feedback from exhibitors, traders and consumers and use their information to improve and enhance the international visibility of the Vape Expo UK at Birmingham. The organizer expresses: We are proud to introduce and unite the leading key players in the industry to help you build brand awareness of your product or service and come together as a central hub for the atomizer industry in Europe to grow your business and trade.

Just after the Dortmund Vape Expo, ECCC(Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce) rode on their way to Vape Expo UK immediately. The Expo in Birmingham is not only the largest Vape Expo in Britain, but also the most welcome in Europe. While Opening up Britain is the foundation of Europe market, which is also the bridge between Chinese vape industry and Europe market. Sensitively ECCC have noticed the great significance of the Expo.

Therefore, despite of the serious pandemic around the globe, ECCC marches thousands of miles to the Vape Expo UK, put all their effort to display the features of Chinese Vape Industry, win more opportunities for Chinese industries at abroad.

At the Expo, the Joint Chinese Exhibition Group took their best European Market Products accompanied to win more flavors of the audience.

On the opening day, the joint group puts the large posters of ECCC, 2FIRSTS, displays of many products. Besides, there are professional lecturer giving explanations, attracts swarms of visitors.

Joymy E-Cigs Vending & Phone Charging Machine Display

On the afternoon of 2.pm of October 7.th~8th, ECCC group had a synchronized stream of the Expo, the stream not only shows the current situation of the Expo, but also allows many professional people who cant go to the Expo acknowledge the new dynamic and the best market information.

On the afternoon of October 8th, the chairman of UKVIA John Dunne come to visit the ECCC himself. John welcome the party to take part in the Expo, and express that the strategical cooperation between ECCC and UKVIA should be strengthen more deeply.

According to the ECCC “2022 Electronic Cigarette Industry Export Blue Book” : The increase of Vape Industry in the first half year is around 10%. The export of next half year usually grows double, the export of 2022 is predicted to be 180 billion. Britain is the 2rd largest market of the world, the regulations in relatively well supervised. Therefore, the Britain market is a nice start line of the Vape Industry to open the enormous overseas market.