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Open vs. Closed Vape Systems: Which to start ?


Experienced vapers will know that there are a whole bunch of ways of going about the job.

But vaping newcomers may be unsure of the different vape systems that exist, and by this we mean Open and Closed types of e-cigarettes.

The differences between these two mean the vape experience too differs.

In this guide, we look at the contrasts between open and closed vape systems, and the benefits and drawbacks of using each one.

What are Open and Closed Vape Systems and How Do They Differ?

Open and closed vape systems are just two terms used to describe the two main forms of e-cigarettes.

The major difference between these two e-cig forms lies in the way e-liquid is delivered to the heating mechanism.

Open vape systems are equipped with a clearomiser (aka tank) which has to be manually filled with e-juice every time you run out of juice.

Closed vape systems, on the other hand, do not need refilling. They come pre-filled with e-juice loaded in components known as pods or disposable cartridges. So yes, they do not have a conventional tank that can be unscrewed, washed and screwed back again.

Here is an example of a closed vape device from Joymy.

Open system e-cig devices have a removable mouthpiece, but in the case of closed systems, the mouthpiece is built into the e-cig cartridge.

In addition to the mouthpiece, an open system e-cigarette is equipped with a tank or clearomiser (to hold the juice) as well as a battery.

A closed system e-cigarette, for its part, also has a juice cartridge or pod (its version of the tank, albeit smaller than an open tank) that is screwed on to a heating unit (smaller version of a battery pack).

Both come with a charger.

In short, the main difference between open and closed systems is that the cartridge on the closed system cannot be refilled like the clearomiser in the open system.

Unlike open vape systems, closed systems are designed to be simple and hassle-free.

This is even evident on how the two are powered up. Unlike open system devices which have a button for activation, closed e-cigs only require you to inhale on the device to kick the heating element into gear.

Okay, you may encounter some pod vapes (as these devices are known) with a button, but in most cases this hardware is not intended to be complex.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open Vape System

Open vape systems, which largely comprise of vape pens (aka regular vaporisers) but also refer to sub-ohms and mods, are reusable vape devices which can be topped up once the e-liquid has run out.

They give you the freedom to choose your own e-juice flavour, as well as the nicotine strength, two crucial aspects for vapers.

Open system devices also have a stronger battery, which means they deliver a fuller vape experience.

As well, open systems are big on cloud production, so if you desire richer, fatter clouds, an open system, ideally in the form of a sub-ohm or mod, is your best bet.

On the downside, open vape systems are work. You will need to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance for the device to function smoothly.

They are bigger and more cumbersome, and mods in particular present a level of complexity.

Beginners will also need to acquaint themselves with some vaping basics before they can start vaping using open systems.

What’s more, the experience of an open e-cig can be quite harsh or underwhelming if you are not careful, hence even more need to go through the learning curve – choosing the right e-liquid for the device, ensuring your wicks are primed so they are not dry, choosing the right battery and so on and so forth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Closed Vape System

Closed system e-cigs are simple vape devices that come ready to vape.

There is no hassle of refilling vape juice, so there is no e-liquid to carry around or create a mess when a cartridge runs out.

Once a closed vape device is finished, you can throw the vape cartridge away and plug in another one. Yes, you get to keep the heating unit (unlike years gone by when the whole device was disposable).

Closed vape systems such as pod vapes are also more satisfying when it comes to the nicotine factor. Small, yes. But they make use of nicotine salts which deliver more satisfaction than regular e-juice (which makes use of freebase nicotine) is capable of.

This makes them the perfect choice for smokers looking to ease themselves into the world of vaping.

On the downside, the compact nature of closed devices such as pods means you can misplace or lose them easily if you are not careful.


Conclusion: For starters, Closed POD System would be a great choice

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