WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

About Joymy

Our Story

Joymy is founded by a crew of experienced R&D and Sales team with a mission to help more people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Joymy is born to bring innovations that fulfil users’ needs. Our designers and developers are increasingly expected to deliver high quality vapor products that are consistent as well as evolutionary.

To ensure that our company & products are of the highest quality, Joymy strictly adheres to: ICE, ROHS, FCC & more.

Our Mission

Joymy's mission is to improve public safety, public health and public hygiene through science and practice. Meanwhile, we are intend to share with our Employees, Suppliers and our Clients as well as work with them to achieve a greater goal.

The New Generation For Vapers

Joymy recruiting experts and researchers not only in R&D field, but also in management, marketing and service. We are founded to provide extreme wonderful experience for vapers who pursuit better lifestyle. With all efforts together by our teams, we will introduce a new generation for vapers in using, purchasing and exploring new aspects of our products.

Why Joymy

An innovator and rising star in the vape industry. Combining leading technological designs with high quality standards, we, Joymytech is creating more and more popular e-cigarettes and Advanced Personal Vaporizers. With a strong and professional team in Shenzen, Joymy works to spread both user and environment-friendly designs to vapers and electronic cigarette parts around the world.