WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

15000 PUFFS DIY Your Own Flavor, This Disposable Device Is Absolutely Genius!

You could never imagine that a disposable device could make up to 15000 puffs, dual mesh coil for super large vapor. And the most vital part is that you could easily refill the device to make your DIY flavors. Indeed it’s so charming that this epoch-making new product has attracted lots of attention. Let’s take a look what the god has in his store.


1. Basic Function: The JOYMY 15000 ULTRA Device is equipped with type-c rechargeable port, and adjustable air-flow, which are common on the huge puffs disposable devices nowadays. The rechargeable port ensures the maximum power of the dual mesh coil plays their important role in the vaping experience, and the burst out of massive vapor. The Adjustable air-flow, however, puts out more option: You could adjust the air-flow to the level you like or change it to feel different concentration level of the e-liquid.

2. Super Massive PUFFS: With 20ml pre-filled e-liquid, with dual mesh coil you could use more than 2 weeks and even 1 whole month. The device is dual mesh coil and single mesh coil choices available.For dual mesh coil, the vapor burst out is strong and it would bring you with a throughout vaping journey, you’d be indulged in the thick rich vapor so well.For single mesh coil, it has long lasting consistent stable experience.

3. Easy DIY Flavors: This is the greatest highlight of the JOYMY 15000 ULTRA. First you can easily open the lid, and you can see the bilateral silicon sealings.  All you need to do is open them up and inject you own preferred e-liquid. There’s chances of infinity, and you’ll be the chief to decide the mix of flavors.

4.Quality Construction, Perfect Pocket Size. While the JOYMY 15000 ULTRA has a super large e-liquid tank, the intricate quality construction ensures the leaking proof the allows 15K to be shaped as a wonderful hand feeling and definitely friendly for pocket-size. JOYMY also supplies a backup cotton inside the package for you to replace under the gap bottom, in case the leaking and keeping the consistency of flavors.

Here is the description of JOYMY 15K ULTRA. JOYMY is looking for agents/wholesalers/distributors all around the world, if you feel interested, please press here: https://www.joymytech.com/ to contact the JOYMY staff team.