WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

JOYMY ’ s Dedication to Fight against Minors E-Cigarette Use


The research shows that in recent years, the use of e-cigarettes by minors world around has been a significantly serious problem, a tremendous challenge to parents and teachers, public health system. And,such tendency has become more and more of a great threat to the public image of disposable vapes and vape kits,as well as the growth and health of minors.

Compare to traditional cigarettes, nicotine pouches or CBD/THC products, vaping is like the most less addictive, and it helps people to quit smoking at some point. However, nicotine is a addictive chemical , even 1% is not acceptable for Joymy to allow the minors to get to vapes. Since the regulations of Electronic-Cigarettes Users’s age of 21 came into effect over countries/states/districts around the world, Joymy deeply realize the problem . At Joymy, we all realize that minors are our next generation, and we we put every effort to fight against minors E-Cigarette use,we take this mission not only for our brand image, but as a duty and responsibility for the society and well-being of all human.

Thus, we have attach great attention to this, and we have taken concrete steps to ensure that we strictly follow the local rules around the world, keep our products out of the hands of minors and being exposed to advertising and publicity to our products. There is nothing more important for our next generation to grow and thrive healthily. As for that, we shall put our efforts together to make this hope come true.



To ensure our products are not sold to minors, and make the exposure of our products’ content to the minors is minimized, we have taken the following measures:

  • We strictly abide the law and regulations of all countries, districts, states, federal and local, as well as FDA regulatory policies related to marketing and sale of e-cigarettes.
  • We put in our product package that our products are only intended to be used by adults 21 years older and not to be sold to minors,their customers must show their valid ID of 21 older.
  • We will inform our wholesalers/distributors before cooperation,make sure that they would never sell our products to minors
  • All of our social media advertising includes the statement such as:Adults only, only available to 21 and older
  • We only put our advertising on Internet, on target audience 21 years older
  • We restrict our email advertising only to 21 years of age or older and they are vape users.
  • We have taken some measures to exclude minor individuals who are under 21 from targeted advertising on any online platform.
  • We do not use cartoons, youth-oriented celebrities, or models who are under the age of 25 in our marketing material. We also do not feature in our promotional material any lifestyle activities that would appeal to the minors in particular.
  • We only cooperate with experienced senior influencers and promoters for product reviews and videos on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Our partners must obey the rules, too.

If you have any comments or want to know more about our meausres, please contact  joymy@joymytech.com

Note: Some countries or regions require people over the age of 18 to vape.