WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

About Joymy

Our Story

Established in 2018, Joymy was founded by a crew of well experienced industrial experts of electronic cigarettes.As a subsidiary of  POPNOW   DEVELOPMENT  CO  LTD, Joymy is a legend of struggler and explorer of vape industry. In order to find a better place for all human kind, POPNOW established EGP to find a better tobacco free solution for the future :EGP NICOTINE POUCH.

Ever since the set up of Joymy, it’s the mission of Joymy to relief people from the serious injure of harmful substance such as tar and carcinogens, and to provide a healthy life style, a satisfying vape experience.

Joymy Vape Display

At Joymy, we are committed to providing our customers with quality products of nice tastes, yet cost-effective. From sourcing to manufacturing to marketing and to distribution, we strictly ensures every details of the process under control. We pursue the quality and flavors so meticulously because the most thing we care is how our products would bring a different feeling for our customers, and how would they affect customers’ health, quality of life and taste preference. Besides, we are very willing to get feedback from our customers, and hear from them to improve our products in quality and flavors.

Joymy Nubar 3000

Goals & Values

Joymy was founded on the principle of customer experience and health. At Joymy, our goal is to send every traditional cigarettes users with our products to bring them a healthy, hygiene life style and novel, pleasurable vaping experience.

Joymy Team

The team of Joymy consists of a group of enthusiastic, conscientious and hardworking people. Our big family could be divided into the research and development group, the cohesive management team and the team of marketing and service.

Joymy Research Team

Why Joymy

At joymy, our enterprise culture is deeply rooted in our commitment to provide quality products. For we are Joymy, we believe in ourselves that we have the mission and a nice prospect to bring our a better future and healthy life style.


For Joymy commercial cooperation, we are looking for agents/wholesalers/distributors all over the world. We treat them not only as our customers, but as great partners to grow business together, to achieve the