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Electronic Cigarette Chinese National Standard Landed, the Reporter Visited Fruit Flavor has Stopped Selling

Juicy grapes, tropical mango, cantaloupe, chilled watermelon ...... once the electronic cigarette market, fruit-flavored e-cigarettes are the absolute mainstream, especially favored by minors. The Tobacco Control Office of the Chinese Center for Disease Control released in May this year the "2021 tobacco epidemic monitoring results of Chinese secondary school students and college students" showed that the proportion of secondary school students who had heard of e-cigarettes in 2021 was 86.6%, the proportion who had used e-cigarettes was 16.1%, and the proportion who now use e-cigarettes was 3.6%, compared with 2019, an increase of 9.2, 3.5 and 0.8 percentage points. The most common flavor used by high school students who use e-cigarettes is fruit flavor, accounting for 63.8%.

The mandatory national standard for e-cigarettes, from the perspective of strengthening the protection of minors, provides detailed regulations on the taste, safety and protection of minors. The new national standard clarifies that individuals, legal persons or other organizations that have not obtained a tobacco monopoly license are not allowed to carry out production and business operations related to electronic cigarettes, and the licensed entity shall not carry out production and business operations beyond the scope of the license. All fruit-flavored e-cigarettes will be removed from the shelves, and the national unified electronic cigarette trading management platform will only provide national standard tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes and smokers with child locks.

"At the end of September we still have more than 600 boxes of fruit flavors not sold out, but the company requires all the remaining stock of fruit flavors to return to the warehouse for destruction." Guorui City Yueqin e-cigarette counter staff told reporters that at present only the counter has 2 kinds of electronic cigarettes for sale, both tobacco flavor.

"Fruit flavored electronic cigarettes are not sold, these brands are only tobacco flavors." Dongcheng District Red Bridge Market, an electronic cigarette store sales staff pointed to the glass counter placed electronic cigarettes, that is, the replacement of the smoke oil said. Reporters noted that, compared to the previous colorful and dazzling fruit flavored electronic cigarette smoke oil packaging, the new national standard requirements for electronic cigarette smoke oil packaging more streamlined, simple naming, a single brand under only two or three tobacco flavors to choose from. "These boxes are just a difference in name, the actual taste difference is not much, is the tobacco flavor." The sales staff explained.

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In addition to e-cigarettes completely "break sweet" outside, according to the State Tobacco Monopoly Board issued a notice on September 29, October 1, electronic cigarettes engaged in the production and operation of electronic cigarette market players should obtain a tobacco monopoly license.

Reporter offline visits found that a number of the electronic cigarette counter staff said the company has helped it to handle the relevant license. "Look, our tobacco monopoly license is placed on the counter, to ensure that the formal." The staff of the above-mentioned Yue carved electronic cigarette said to reporters. At the same time, the reporter in Taobao, Jingdong and other e-commerce platform search electronic cigarettes, the page will jump directly to the prompt interface to inform "any citizen, legal person or other organization shall not sell tobacco monopoly products through the information network" or directly display "no goods found". Search for multiple e-cigarette brand names and "electronic atomizer" and other keywords will show no relevant product search results.

It is understood that more than 50 countries and regions around the world have included e-cigarettes in the control of tobacco products, and more than 40 countries have strictly prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes. This year, China's e-cigarette industry regulation has been implemented and refined. March 11, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued the "Electronic Cigarette Management Measures", the retail sale of e-cigarettes need to apply for a tobacco monopoly license. April 8, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued the "electronic cigarette" mandatory national standards. May 12, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration formulated and promulgated the "electronic cigarette warning signs regulations" to regulate electronic cigarettes brand packaging chaos. On June 15, the national unified e-cigarette transaction management platform was officially launched, requiring "one cigarette, one identity" traceability supervision.