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Fruity Flavored Electronic Cigarettes Into The Ban Countdown 30 Days! 13 Famous Brands Turn To international Market,Licensed Stores Closed Down

September 1 news, e-cigarette regulatory transition period will end on September 30, electronic cigarette mandatory national standards and electronic cigarette management methods will officially take effect on October 1, today officially ushered in the fruit flavored electronic cigarette domestic ban countdown to one month point in time.

In other words, after the 30 days in September, the domestic electronic cigarette market will be completely reconfigured.


There are 3 most central changes after October 1th.

First, all participants in the e-cigarette market must operate with a license, including the supply chain, brands, tobacco companies and retail stores, and operating without a license will be regarded as illegal business. At the same time, all market trading entities must trade and record in the national unified electronic cigarette trading management platform, whether it is the production side and wholesale side of the production and wholesale transactions, or wholesale and retail stores, or export to overseas, all transactions must be uploaded with credentials in the platform.

Undocumented small factories and small brands will be completely eliminated from the compliant electronic cigarette race field.

Second, fruit-flavored e-cigarettes, open e-cigarettes and nicotine-free e-cigarettes will all be removed from the domestic market.

In the electronic cigarette management approach has long been clear that the above three types of products will be banned in the country, due to the current regulatory transition period, you can still operate, but once October 1, the above three types of products directly shut down, the market will only allow the circulation of tobacco flavored products through the national standard technical examine with the child lock.

Third, the retail stores will usher in a period of transition pain.

After October 1, after the drop of the fruit flavor, store sales are likely to plummet by more than 80%, many stores’ tobacco flavors basically sells a box a week, if the monthly rent exceeds 5,000 yuan, and need the shopkeeper to watch the store of electronic cigarette stores, the stores may usher in a tide of closures.

From the current taste of the national standard products of each electronic cigarette brand, it is not difficult to smoke, but also not good to smoke, there is a poem depicted aptly: gentleman's friendship is as light as water.

Store owners face how to persuade old users to switch to tobacco-flavored products, as well as the development of new tobacco-flavored users, plus the brand has now lost control of the retail stores , so it is difficult to expect the brand to have any support.

Store owners are currently facing the biggest pressure from clearing inventory.

However, recently popular in the circle of friends how to clear inventory paragraph, shopkeepers can refer to.

Store owners can place the major brands of national standard products to the store, not to sell, only to try smoking, the user is likely to suddenly to your store fruit flavors both eyes, immediately open the stockpile mode.

This is called reverse bandwagon.

However, this can also backfire. The harder the inventory is cleared, the fewer times the store will be visited in the coming months.

After all, the users stored a few months of fruit flavor, only few people would try tobacco flavor.

But not to clear inventory will directly result to compensate, and if the transaction after October, once found to be illegal, light to face fines, heavy you’d get handcuffed.

The current status of Chinese electronic cigarettes

1.SMOORE stopped the production of fruit -flavored orders,only to take orders for national standards.

On August 25, the leading domestic e-cigarette supply chain company SMOORE issued an announcement, announcing that the domestic market from now on SMOORE and all its subsidiaries will only accept orders for consignment whose products have passed the technical review of the national standard, and all of them will be traded through the "National Unified Electronic Cigarette Trading Management Platform".

In other words, the electronic cigarette brands that want to entrust to SMOORE, the products must have passed the examine of the national standard for electronic cigarettes.

At present, the domestic brands entrusted to SMOORE 's OEM are RELX, YOOZ, MOTI and Snow Plus, all of which have been reviewed by the e-cigarette national standard, and the production of products that have passed the approval is not affected by the announcement.

In addition, this announcement also contains significant information, meaning that the major brands previously commissioned in SMOORE non-national standard fruit flavors will stop new production from today, or at least no longer accept new non-national standard orders.

So, whether the brand announced the cessation of production of fruit flavors or not, the point is SMOORE will not take orders


2. 30electronic cigarette brands have achieved national standards,able to be trade in China

September 1, according to data summarized by Joymy today, a total of 30 e-cigarette brands have passed the technical review of the mandatory national standard for e-cigarettes, meaning that the products of these brands will be able to be traded through the national unified electronic cigarette trading management platform.

Statistics show that these 30 brands have at least 34 cigarette sticks and at least 56 cigarette flavors that have passed the review, with a total of 90 products that have passed the review.

At present, there are still JVE, vitavape, kmose , Ammo, MystLabs, Flow, FOOGO and gippro and other electronic cigarette brands have not yet received the electronic cigarette production license, the relevant national standard over the review has not been disclosed.

The above data comes from third parties and some brands to confirm the numbers, as well as Joymy estimates, ranking order only represents the views of Joymy.


3. 13 compliant brands seek trade worldwide, 53 national standard electronic cigarette products can be traded on the platform.

Till August 25, a total of 19 e-cigarette companies nationwide have obtained production licenses for domestic sales of e-cigarette products, of which 53 product SKUs from 13 e-cigarette brands can be traded through the national unified e-cigarette trading management platform.

Among these 13 e-cigarette brands, six brands plan to supply nationwide, and seven companies plan to supply to some provinces and cities, with available supplies including 26 smoke SKUs,15 vape SKUs,11 SKUs for kits, and one disposable e-cigarette, for a total of 53 product SKUs.

Among them, has been reviewed by the small wild because of the capacity problem is not sure for the time being can supply product specifications and quantity.

Some brands said to Joymy, the current brands for the national provinces open orders, through a unified trading platform, wholesale enterprises can communicate with the electronic cigarette brand on their own, there is no regional restrictions and capacity restrictions, belonging to the two sides free to match, their own negotiation of the delivery volume and cycle.

However, each brand needs to supply according to its own production capacity, the national supply of six brands are more than sufficient capacity.

Joymy previously reported that the country is expected to fully open the national standard electronic cigarette ordering pilot on September 13, the relevant information shows that September 5 will fully start the production batch trading, September 13 will fully start the wholesale and retail trading.

In other words, starting on September 5, local Cigarette companies will enter into wholesale contracts with e-cigarette brands that are licensed, have passed the national standard for products and have sufficient capacity, and starting on September 13, store owners can go on the platform to make scheduled purchases from local Cigarette wholesale.

4. Licensed e-cigarette store announces closure, regulation not to store first

On the evening of August 31, a store owner in Zhumadian, Henan Province, said he had obtained an electronic cigarette retail license, but closed a mall store, which is also known to be in the transition period to close the store's compliance e-cigarette retail stores.

It was a sad scene.

According to the owner, the e-cigarette store located in an indoor mall has been losing money for 1 year, and wanted to continue to persist, but had no choice but to close the store because the individual could no longer support it.

According to its introduction, the store monthly rent of 2,500 yuan, two look after the store staff wages were 2,200 yuan, plus a variety of utilities, etc., a month of expenditure of 10,000 yuan, while the store monthly sales are just about 10,000, after a year of losses, finally unable to persist.

Shopkeeper said: I really love, but ...... society has educated me. I still love this industry, I experienced a little bit of the era of small cigarettes, naive I do not have the capital to persist, persist for a year, and then stop loss. I overall earn money, but I experienced an ordinary shopkeeper from interested to practice to torment to the process of closing down.

Out of the division before the body died, the shop owner has full of tears.

Everyone will make the best choice, closed store, may not be a good thing, the only blessing.

Yesterday there was an electronic cigarette to the Joymy sent his three years of store blood and tears, through ignorance to enter the industry, encountered brand leek, and then to the difficult transition period, it can be said that many electronic cigarette store owners have experienced three years, a bitter tears.

Joymy did the original publication, by the way, remind store owners in the last month of the transition period must control the risk of inventory, after October 1, non-national standard products will be banned, do not hold a fluke mentality.

In fact, electronic cigarette practitioners know that very optimistic about the industry, just do not know whether there is a place in the future market for these practitioners who have struggled for three years.

Iron camp running soldiers like water.

From the individual point of view, indeed cruel, but from the overall point of view, and is the eternal truth.

No matter what you do or don't do in the future, we suggest that all practitioners stand the last post in September, the new era of compliance has a new way to play, not to fight unprepared battles.