WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Q & A : Points about E-liquids

 Q1: Why do some people choke on the smoke when using e-cigarettes for the first time?

The main ingredients of e-cigarette are PG, VG, flavorings and nicotine. PG and VG are healthy food additives, flavorings and fragrances mainly provide various flavors, and nicotine provides relief and throat hitting sensation. Why do users feel a dry throat when using e-cigarettes for the first time? The main reason is PG, also called vegetable glycerin. It is also the reason why e-cigarettes produce smoke, and water absorption is one of its characteristics. When we smoke repeatedly it will cause saliva to be absorbed, the more we smoke, the more we suck, so it will cause our throat to be very dry. The smoke produced by e-cigarettes and the smoke produced by paper cigarettes are two different forms of things. The atomized mist from e-liquid is similar to water vapor, while paper cigarettes produce smoke by burning. When initially adapting to e-cigarettes, you can use the "running smoke" method, inhaling and exhaling quickly to slowly adapt to the smoke produced by the e-liquid.

Q2: Why does the color of the e-liquid change?

E-liquid will be oxidized when opened in contact with air, especially when dripping and added in a dripping atomizer, if left for a period of time, the color of the e-liquid will slowly turn reddish-brown. Be sure to tighten the cap of the bottle after opening and do not accept direct light.

Q3:Does the fluidity of the e-liquid change?

When the temperature drops, the fluidity of the e-liquid will become poorer, especially for some e-liquids with high VG content, the fluidity will become poor in winter when the temperature is low.

Q4:What kind of e-liquids are easy to make the atomizer paste core?

The VG content of the e-liquid is different, the absorption rate of atomizer wick cotton is also different. The high VG content of the e-liquid is used in the atomizer with a small e-liquid guide hole, there will be a problem of poor e-liquid guide, in the process of continuous smoking is easy to supply insufficient e-liquid and then lead to atomizer wick burning.

Q5:What causes the coil to turn black and the cotton to change color?

The flavoring used in some e-liquids can easily produce carbonized substances during the heating process, which is the main culprit for the blackening of the coil and discoloration of the cotton. At the same time, the condensate flowing back to the inner wall of the atomizer will also aggravate the generation of carbon.

Q6:Why do some e-liquids cause strong irritation to the throat when smoked?

Generally speaking, the nicotine contained in e-liquids is the main substance that causes irritation to the throat, and e-liquids with high nicotine will cause strong irritation to the throat. Also some types of flavorings, when heated, will also produce some irritation to the throat.

Q7:Why is there water droplets in the nose after puffing out the smoke through the nose?

The water droplets in the nose are condensate. The atomized smoke will change from mist to liquid when the temperature changes. Due to the water absorption of VG, it is not recommended to let the smoke pass through the nasal cavity frequently.

Q8: Why do different vaping oils with the same nicotine content have different throat hitting sensations?

Due to the different flavors used in e-liquid, the throat irritation of e-liquid varies greatly. Generally speaking, fruit flavored e-liquids are much less irritating than tobacco flavored e-liquids, and high VG content e-liquids will feel smoother in the process of use.

Q9:Why does the same e-liquid taste different on the same atomizer?

Every time you adjust the atomizer even if the settings are the same, there will be a slight difference. But the reason that can affect the taste is mainly because the cotton wick is constantly and repeatedly heated, or some of it is scorched. If it is a new wick and the taste changes a lot, check if the e-liquid has expired or has suspended matter that has produced deterioration.

Q10: What is the throat hitting sensation?

The moment the smoke is inhaled from the outlet, the nicotine content of the smoke will cause a slight irritation to your throat. It is similar to the irritation you get from a cigarette, except that when a cigarette burns, there are many other chemical components as well as nicotine, making it more irritating.