WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Revolution Of Pod Device, The King of Flavor and Price

For the 1st Industrial Revolution, the revolution itself has liberated the productivity to a great extent and made people a better life.

The JOYMY 10000 puffs Infinity Pod is such a device that stands for the revolution of pod device, the great benefits it brings are so advanced and economic, cost friendly for every customer. For such a master piece, the construction and traits are definitely worth for probe. Let’s see what we have here.

1. Maintain the palatable flavors of disposable device. For the regular classic pod devices, almost 100% of them use ceramic coil. While ceramic coil is not a mature coil as a result of markets feedback, it doesn’t give a genuine release of flavors well for most of the time. For JOYMY 10000 puffs infinity pod, we use medical grade quality cotton coil, similar construction to disposable device. This allows the consistency and sturdy vapor burst of e-liquid.

Cotton mesh coil on pod devices, this is such a great movement that keep the palatable flavors release and keep the products budget-friendly.

2. Your perfect economic choice. With 16ml pre-filled closed pods, the quality A-level battery devices could sustain for more than a whole year. You may change the pod whenever and wherever you like. Just draw out the pod from the battery and 1 click to put another pod of different flavor into the battery, all the process is done and you just need to enjoy.

For 10000 puffs, 2 pods may be equal in price to 1 disposable device, even cheaper.

10000 puffs Infinity Pod JOYMY

3. Rechargeable port, maximum vapor, but no flavor weaken.

As some of the the products show that the flavor would be weaken after the first recharge. However, after dedicated work on structure research and strict tests of JOYMY research team, we ensure that for 10000 puffs infinity pod the problem is eradicated once for all.

The TYPE-C rechargeable port ensures the maximum power of the battery and make every puff you enjoy stays the best flavor from the very beginning till the last drop of e-liquid.

4. Adjustable Airflow. Another human design for 10000 puffs infinity pod. As JOYMY did a lot of research and we are always willing to listen to the opinions of our dear customers. As some of the customers has different tastes on the concentration of nicotine strength, sweetness and fragrance level. We has put the adjustable airflow design on the infinity pod, so you may set it to the level as you imagined, be your own master.