WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

The Most Updated Vape Industry Model, What Does It Brings?

Maybe you've never seen this model before because this is like the most updated model and mostly haven't been seen in the stores yet.

So what does this new model brings?

First, the battery and the pod whole set has almost the same price just like the disposable devices, not like the old type pod devices with high expense. The battery device is rechargeable and you could use it like about a whole year, all you need to do is just to change the pod, so you are just spending around half the price as disposables.

Cyber Pod Main Description

Second, you may just change the pod with just a click. The Connection between the battery and the pod is magnetic, and you may replace the pod whenever you want. Just draw out the pod, and replace it with another pod of another flavor to have different feeling.

Third, when you change the pod of various flavors, you don't need to worry about if flavor of new pod would be tainted by the former pod. As the battery and the pod is totally separated system, and there's no any risk.

Forth, environmental friendly. As we all want to protect the environment and make all human a better place. Such pod device would be a much better choices than those disposables.

For 5000 puffs, the same price you could only buy 1 disposable device to enjoy, but you could get two pod of different flavors in return to enjoy 2 palatable tastes.

At JOYMY, we are looking for exclusive agents as well as wholesalers and distributors all over the world to cooperate with.

For such a pod device of enormous potential, it is a breach of the strong fortified castle, which lies tons of golds.

Come to see, to seize the train to hug the new era.