WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Your Party Best Choice! JOYMY Lightbar 4000 here

Disposable vape suitable for party

    Have you ever imagined that you are holding the vape and puffs all its way to the center of the party, while your vapes are lighting with super cool ambient light and the color varies a riot of color?

    This is what you want! The supreme Lightbar 4000, your party best choice! The JOYMY Lightbar 4000 is featured as smooth rubber feeling and a flat ergonomic mouth-piece, and type-c rechargeable port at the bottom. The ambient light is near the bottom as well, that’s the lightspot of Lightbar 4000.

    JOYMY Lightbar 4000 Best Party Choice

    Let’s see what makes Lightbar 4000 special here among so many regular vapes.


    Highlights of  this party vape

    1. Various Lighting Effect: When you take a puff of the JOYMY Lightbar 4000first it will beat a fits of Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Azure, and then a quick flash of these colors. Each color represents a different flavor.

    Ligihtbar 4000 with various flavors and lights


    2. Ergonomic Design: The dimension of the vape body is well shaped as rubber hand-feeling and perfect friendly for most hand size and pocket. The mouth-piece is also absolutely outstanding for vaping experience, the shape is friendly as it’s tested with many times human mouth.

    3. Super Rich Vapor: The JOYMY Lightbar 4000 has a medium size, but the vapor is super rich due to the intricate construction and the quality mesh coil, medical-level storage cotton and A-level pure cobalt battery. With the cohesive function of top-quality materials, the JOYMY Lightbar 4000 works excellent with rich vapor and fragrance.

    4. Type-C Rechargeable Port: The quality A-level battery of Lightbar 4000 ensures the full power of mesh coil, and the well release of sweetness, fragrance and nicotine. With the charge port, you would feel the consistent flavor and strong vapor burst as usually till the last puff.

    Such a prominent vape! At JOYMY, we sincerely looking for wholesalers or distributors to cooperate with, and we treat our commercial partners as our friends and teammates. At JOYMY, we really looking forward for your intention of cooperation.