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Pros and Cons of Vaping

Do you want to quit smoking but are finding it extremely difficult to go cold turkey? You're not alone. 

If you know it's time you kicked smoking to the curb, but don't know how vaping may be a solution for you. Or if you're considering investing in a vape, this is a suitable read! This isn't to say vaping is good for you, but it is a reliable alternative to smoking cigarettes. Before you invest in a vaping device, there are some things to consider. 

Keep reading to learn all about the pros and cons of vaping. 

The Pros

There is a reason vapes are so popular, and this industry continues to grow. Here are some advantages of using these products:

Vaping Is Increasingly Recognised to be Less Harmful Reliable Than Smoking 

Many studies such as the one conducted by Public Health England have shown that vaping, although not completely risk-free, is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. This is due to the fact that there is no combustion, ash, or tar associated with vapes. Vapes are also often available in many different flavors, which provides many options for existing smokers to make the switch.  

Vaping Is More Affordable 

Not only will your body thank you, but so will your bank account! One of the most appealing things about vaping to a smoker is the obvious price difference. Hands down, you'll save hundreds of dollars a year when you make the switch to a vape. 

The average smoker spends around $188 a month (or $2,292) per year on cigarettes, which is radically decreased once the transition to vaping is made. A recent estimate by the Health Promotion Agency of New Zealand indicated the long term cost of vaping to be just a fraction of what smoking cost. Similarly, there is a huge range of vaping products for every budget, including: 

  • Disposable E-cigarettes 
  • Vape Mods
  • E- Liquids

This makes vaping a lot more appealing to your bank balance. It also gives you a wide range of products to choose from.

Vaping Controls Cravings Just As Easily As Cigarettes 

You can feel instant satisfaction from a vaping product as soon as you leave the shop. Many e-cigarettes come pre-filled with e-liquids ready for immediate use, so you will be able to start vaping without any hassle. 

Most vapes are also designed to last a full day of vaping without requiring any refill or recharge, making them extremely convenient for users who are on the road throughout the day. 

Vaping Smells Better Than Cigarettes 

A lot of people are turned off by the smell of smoke. A major advantage of vaping is that you can live odor-free, rather than feeling anxious about whether your clothes, breath, and overall environment smells of cigarette smoke. 

With a vape, you can choose from a wide variety of flavors and the exhaled vapor from your vape will not linger on fabric or your body.  Users have also found the exhaled vapor to be pleasant smelling as no smoke is produced at all throughout the vaping process. 

You're In Full Control Of Nicotine Doses

Unlike a traditional cigarette where although the amount of nicotine varies per cigarette or brand, the amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes is variable by the type of pods that you decide to purchase. The e-liquids for e-cigarettes come in varying nicotine levels, and you can choose the e-liquid with a nicotine content that is just right for you, or even select one without any nicotine at all. 

It is recommended that users who first take up vaping to transition away from smoking to opt for an e-liquid with a suitable level of nicotine content before gradually tapering down the nicotine levels over time.

Wide Range of Flavors To Choose From

Did we already mention that with vapes, you can choose among dozens of flavors? This is perfect if you enjoyed smoking but weren't the biggest fan of the taste left in your mouth. When this is the case, the transition to vaping should be easy.

There are many different flavors of vapes out there - literally hundreds of flavors ranging from fruits, foods, beverages, desserts, and even the traditional flavors like menthol and tobacco. The availability of the many flavors also makes it easier for smokers to transition away from the habit. 

You Can Become Smoke-Free

One of the most common reasons people take up vaping is the motivation to  quit smoking. As the first step, it's the stepping stone before becoming completely smoke-free, and it has shown that people who have taken up vaping have been twice as likely to give up smoking for good.

If you've tried the traditional methods like nicotine patches or chewing gum and they haven't worked, try making the switch to a vape. Many users share that this has been the gateway between smoking cigarettes and quitting for good. 

The Cons

Every product has its flaws. This brings us to the disadvantages of our vape pros and cons list:

Uncertain Health Risks

While we know that vaping is a more reliable product when trying to quit smoking, several people are still wary of this smoking alternative. This is mainly due to the fact that there isn't as much scientific or medical research as traditional methods.

Why is this? 

The biggest reason is that research takes time. Vaping is still fairly new. It's only been around since about 2003, while smoking has been around for much longer. While the health risks are uncertain, many former smokers have managed to transition away from cigarettes after picking up vaping instead.

Your Throat May Become Sore or Itchy

This happens partially when you first begin to vape. If you think back to when you started smoking, you'll probably remember that your throat became sore and dry as well. This is because your throat isn't used to vaping or smoking. 

If you are getting frustrated with the amount of itching or soreness, you can try changing the type of e-liquid you use. Try a higher percentage of VG (vegetable glycerin), a lower amount of nicotine, or try a different flavor. Sometimes some flavors are harsher than others, and that can contribute to your irritation.

You May Sometimes Develop a Cough

Even if you are an ex-smoker or are still currently smoking, when people first start to vape, they often complain about developing a cough that they didn't previously have. 

Vaping is slightly different from smoking, in the respect that different types of vapes require different types of breathing and inhaling techniques. This cough will go away once you get used to the inhaling technique. 

Dry Mouth

This is one of the most common side effects that people develop from vaping. It is all to do with the ingredients that are in your particular vape. The moisture in your mouth can be absorbed by the vape, therefore, leaving the insides of your mouth dry and harsh.

If the dryness in your mouth doesn't go away within a few days after using your vape, simply try drinking more water or check the ingredients in your e-liquid. If your vape has higher levels of PG (propylene glycol) and VG, it means these ingredients are most likely to be causing your mouth to become dry. 

Try and find a vape with less of these ingredients to help with dry mouth. 

It Can Be Overwhelming For Some People 

The process of vaping and smoking is different, which can be very overwhelming to some people. For instance:

  • Some individuals share about how they feel overwhelmed by the great variety  of choices and equipment when it comes to vape.
  • Others also share about the process of vaping as difficult and causes them to cough. This is most likely the result of improper inhaling technique.
  • There are constantly new technologies and vape "upgrades" being introduced into the market.

While this is a con for some people, it's a pro for others. Some individuals enjoy having a variety of options, while others like the simplicity of either buying straight cigarettes or rolling tobacco. If you're someone who loves the taste of tobacco and a cigarette, though, then there's no need to get overwhelmed because you can buy tobacco flavored vapes.

Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of this vaping pros and cons guide. All in all, vaping is worth considering if you're trying to quit smoking. It's a reliable alternative, and getting started is easy. Not to mention, you'll also be saving hundreds of dollars when you make the switch. 

The biggest challenge for many smokers in making the switch is they believe that it's complex. This can lead to people believing that vaping requires a handbook or tutorial. This is not true. If you're confused or feeling overwhelmed, speak to someone in a vaping shop and have them explain and recommend the best vape for you.

We wish you the best of luck in your journey and hope this guide has helped you understand the pros and cons of vaping when compared to traditional cigarettes.

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