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What Is a Vape Pod?

Altering a smoking habit is never easy. If you're trying to curb your cigarette intake and need a smooth transition, vape pods may be right for you. 

What is a vape pod? 

These devices have become increasingly popular with the takeoff of vaping. There are plenty of options to find what's right for you. Below, we'll address what is a pod system, your options between open versus closed systems, plus some other details about the pros and cons of this form of vaping. 

What Is a Vape Pod?

Vape pods are small vaping devices with interchangeable cartridges for your e-liquid of choice. 

If you aren't familiar with many vape models, these devices are mini vapes that use a two-part system. The two parts to these vapes are a pod filled with e-liquid or vape juice, and the small battery pack into which it snaps into place. 

Pod vapes are available in two options:

  1. Pre-filled
  2. Refillable

Some vapes feature power buttons or switches, but more commonly, they're automatic. It will activate the cartridge and produce vapor upon each inhale. 

Vape pods  are popular amongst smokers who are looking to transition from cigarettes to vapes. Whether they're disposable, or refillable and longer-lasting, these vapes are compact and lightweight. They are simple to use and carry around. 

The nicotine content is customizable with each vape cartridge, making them a perfect solution for curbing your smoking habit as needed.

How Do You Use a Pod System Vape? 

Vape pods  are extremely user-friendly. There are five steps to using most of these vapes on the market. 

  1. Charge the battery fully.
  2. When using a refillable cartridge, fill it up with your e-liquid of choice.
  3. Give the wick 5-10 minutes to saturate.
  4. Insert the pod securely into the device. If your model comes with a power  switch, turn it on.
  5. If your pod vape features an activation  button, hold it down while inhaling. If it doesn't, you can inhale similar to if you were smoking a cigarette.

Those are the essential steps to use your vape pod fully. To make your vape last longer be sure to keep your cartridge from ever running low on e-juice. 

When your cartridge is nearing empty, refill your cartridge or replace it. Refillable vape cartridges last for  a week, depending on how often you use. 

Some devices feature replaceable coils, meaning you don't have to replace the pod. Instead, look out for discoloration or replace the coils every one or two months. 

What Is Open versus Closed Pod Systems? 

While shopping for your vape, you may notice a variety  of models. Pod systems come in two varieties: open and closed. You've probably wondered, what is an open/closed pod system? Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, which we'll break down below. 

A significant similarity is that open and closed devices have smaller batteries than more advanced vapor devices. For users, that means they require more frequent charging. Now, let's break down the differences between these two pod mods.

Open Pod Systems

Open systems feature refillable pods, which means you can open the device to insert the e-liquid of your choosing. Open systems come with empty pods for you to refill yourself. 

These open systems require a little bit more maintenance, but they give you a chance to customize your vape to your preferences. Open cartridges come in a wider variety of flavors and nicotine content. They also save you a little more money in the long run. 

Closed Pod System 

More people choose closed systems because they're easier to load quickly. Beginners like the ability to charge and go with their new vape. Closed systems come with pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, sealed, secure, and ready to use. All you have to do is snap it into the battery pack, and you can vape. 

Closed pods are also easy to discard. Just remove and discard when your e-liquid is depleted . A popular example of a closed system is from the e-cigarette maker, JOYMY. It produces high quality closed disposable pod kits in various flavors, with cartridges that are easy to install and use. 

Who Uses Pod Vapes? 

These vapes are compatible with many types of smokers, and there are many reasons people choose to smoke from pod vapes. Users who want to be discreet about their vaping choose pod vapes for their compact size and minimal cloud production. 

Experienced vaping enthusiasts like to add these vapes to their more extensive collections of vape rigs for convenient vaping on the go. 

Cigarette smokers looking to curb their nicotine intake choose these vapes for many reasons. The simple design mimics the gesture  of smoking a cigarette. Also, they can increase or decrease the nicotine content in their vape juice to satisfy cravings, and to eventually transition away from smoking entirely. 

What Is the Best Vape Pod System? 

According to customer reviews, size, ease of use, and cost, the JOYMY Infinity is a popular pod vape loved by consumers. JOYMY Infinity now provides 6 different flavors (more flavors are coming) and carries the taste of technology with elegant design. Achieves a fuller flavor and delivers a velvety-smooth vape pen from start to finish. This worldwide model is a popular choice for those shopping for a high quality beginner vape. 

Pros of Pod Vapes

  • Simple installation and easy use
  • Smallest vaping device
  • Can vary nicotine content to curb smoking habits
  • Optimizes e-liquid consumption
  • Compatible with nicotine salt vapes
  • Multiple flavor options
  • Easy to clean and maintain for a long time
  • Discreet clouds for stealthy vaping

Pod systems are popular because of their many advantages to casual vaping. Those who choose these vapes aren't looking for the many technical features enjoyed by professional vaping enthusiasts.

Flavor options are another reason smokers feel drawn to cartridge vapes. Plus, if you're using nicotine salts with your e-juice, these vapes are a more cost-effective choice. 

Cons of Pod Vapes

  • Weaker battery life
  • Small vapor production doesn't produce big clouds
  • Can be expensive depending on the model

Some people don't like these vapes for the reasons listed above. Their small size means the battery is smaller as well. Small batteries have a smaller capacity than the ones in larger vape rigs. Depending on your smoking frequency, these batteries will need recharging after 1-2 days on average. 

Some vape cartridges are expensive to refill, and the coils will need maintenance after burnout. If you're interested in showing off with giant clouds of vapor, you won't get those results with a pod vape. 


If you're looking to transition into a new form of smoking, pod vapes are a convenient solution. With the advantages like low-maintenance cleaning, many flavor options, and discreet clouds, both open and closed pod systems are popular choices for new vapes. 

Now that you know all this information, what is the best vape pod system for you? Take your pick and find the right pod vape just for you.  

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